Sweet chocolate treats for the festive season

9:00 am

When there was a knock at the Dormouse team's door and we were handed a parcel from chocolatiers Gü Chocolate Puds there was a bit of fight as to who got to open it.
Then we opened the box and saw that it contained Gü's new indulgent cookie range we were even more excited and couldn’t wait to try them. Each deeply delicious flavour was perfect for the festive season with devilish hit of luscious dark chocolate and just right for a wintry afternoon tea by the fire.
Ultimate Gü Chocolate was the darkest of chocolate cookies. A rich chocolate cookie dough, jam-packed with chunks of Gu’s dark chocolate.
Chocolate & Sour Cherry was full of juicy moist cherries and chocolate chunks. Like black forest gateau in cookie form.
Our favourite flavour Chocolate & Caramel was layered with dark chocolate chunks and sumptuous smooth swirls of deliciously sweet caramel.
Each cookie had a lovely crunchy edge, with a delicious chewy gooey centre. We also tried them warm and they were to die for with vanilla ice cream.
For chocolate lovers they’re the ultimate Christmas treat to accompany your mid-morning or afternoon tea. Available freshly baked in store at Asda and Tesco at £1.09 for two (one for you, one for Santa)
Also available from Gü, for chocoholics this Christmas is the Christmas Party Platter. Perfect for festive dinner parties these canape sized fruit and chocolate pots come in packs of nine with three fantastic festive flavours Chocolate and Raspberry, Chocolate and Black Forest, and Chocolate and Banoffee. Yum!
Gu Party Pots are available at Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose and at all other good supermarkets at around £6.00 per platter.
For more information and the full range of Gü Chocolate Puds, visit

We recieved these puddings free of charge for review, all opinions are our own.

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