I scream you scream Dormouse Team scream for ice cream

8:09 pm

Today the Dormouse Team took a little trip out to the lovely Yorkshire village of Marsden and visited the wonderful A Month of Sundaes.

It has been years since we sampled such lovely homemade ice creams (all produced on the premises) and with 18 flavours to choose from we were nearly spolit for choice.

In the end we settled for some super sundaes a delicious Knickerbocker Glory and a Brownie Sundae. Beautifully served with proper sundae spoons a the Knickerbocker really was a glory layers of strawberry jelly and fresh fruit with the creamiest vanilla icecream topped with a snowy white cloud of whipped cream. The brownie sundae was chocolaty and decedant also served with ice cream and cream and topped with nuts and chocolate sauce - gorgeous.

A Month of Sundaes also serves a range of cakes, coffees, milkshakes and you can also choose from lovely cookies, panninis or just a chocolate or two. They were doing fast trade on ice cream cones - you can even have jelly and icecream to takeaway.

A Month of Sundaes is at 9 Peel Street Marsden or if you are not in the area perhaps you can make do with visiting their website and drooling www.amonthofsundaes.com

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