Liven up your tea time with teapigs

2:44 pm

Dormouse and The Teapot have been converted! As you know we normally only ever drink loose tea, but then we came across some fantastically fun teas from a British company called teapigs and we simply had to try them, bags and all!

teapigs tea bags are special, known as tea temples they allow the tea to move around so that it steeps correctly and gives you a lovely brew. No horrid tea dust just gorgeous leaf tea! And for loose tea stalwarts, the good news is that they also do loose tea in some of the ranges, although we found that the tea temples were very good and as they are biodegradable still an eco-friendly choice.

You can choose from some really original flavours including chocolate flake, popcorn, summer flowers and Roobos creme caramel or stick to old favorites such as Earl Grey or Darjeeling. No matter what you choose you will experience the same high quality tea.

You can buy teapigs tea online at or at various outlets across the country (there is a helpful list on their website).

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