Getting into hot water

9:16 pm

Really, truly we are not making this up but did you know that you can get boiling water on tap now...

Meet the Quooker, the boiling water tap. When you need boiling water in the kitchen, to make a cup of tea for example, you simply turn the childproof tap, and the Quooker dispenses your hot water instantly. The Quooker stores three litres of water at 110 degrees C, in an insulated tank, like a large thermos flask below the work-surface. The tank is well insulated, so it is cool to the touch, and requires very little energy to keep the water hot. When you turn the tap, the water passes through a filter to purify it, and is dispensed in a fine spray, which helps protect against burns. The Quooker is a fusion between an electric kettle, a thermos flask, a water purifier it costs a shade under £700.

In the Dormouse kitchen we have a stove top kettle, its shiney and happy, it gives us three minutes to day dream each time we are making a brew, we keep away from it when it is hot so we don't burn our fingers and tell our little ones not to touch. It brightens our day with its cheerful whistle, it easily fills our teapot and makes the perfect cup of tea. It cost us less than £7.
We'll leave it up to you to decide which is the better choice...

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