Self Preservation Society

8:45 pm

Jam. Glorious, glorious jam.

Rich ruby red or berry blue, smeared on scones and faces and fingers. Scooped from the jar with a silver spoon. An instant taste of endless summers, long lazy days when the sun shone and the skies were always blue.

Topped with cream, filling sandwiches of white crusty bread, a jewel waiting to be discovered in a comforting bowl of milky rice pudding.

Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, fig. Cherry, blackberry, rhubarb and plum. Every one a favorite, a treat, a smile, a hug...

The Dormouse Teams favorite jams:
Beautiful handmade jams made by an English couple on their farm near Calais using organic fruit and adding flowers or spices.
Iridescent jellies and jams including one made from local plums and damsons grown by a beekeeper. Everything is seasonally made with at least 45% fruit,
Wide range of traditional jams and jellies.

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