Who fancies a slice of the worlds biggest scone

9:31 pm

A family of bakers have risen to the challenge by creating the world's biggest scone - which is 700 times bigger than a standard one and takes 18 hours to cool down.

The colossal cake weighed 26kg (57lbs) and measured 2ft (60cm) in diameter and was baked at temperatures of over 230 degrees C in a mould specially constructed by welders.

The Hallett family's creation formed the centrepiece of the world's largest ever cream tea assembled at a tea-themed festival in Torquay, Devon.

It was made from a 100-year-old recipe and contains 13kg of flour, 2.5kg butter, 9kg milk, 2kg sugar, 600g baking powder, 120g salt, 12.5 litres clotted cream and 20kg of strawberry jam.
Guinness World Records confirmed there was no previous record for cream teas - meaning that the Hallett family are assured of their place in the record books.

The record breaking scone

Dormouse Comment ~Pah! call that a scone -its on a stand! Plus the cream and jam are the wrong way round! Afternoon tea is not about breaking records its all about the taste (shakes head sadly).

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