Top 25 Sexiest .... Dormouse style

8:55 pm

On the eve of a certain men's magazine announcing its top 100 sexiest women, Dormouse and The Teapot goes the whole hog and proudly announces their top 25 sexiest cakes (infinitely more PC and much better for the morale ladies)

And so, without further ado in reverse order....

25 Sprinkle twinkle cupcake
24 Petit fours times five
23 Go nuts for doughnuts
22 A vanilla vision
21 Berry roulade
20 Apple pie of my eye
19 I'm a maple flan
18 Carrot queen
17 Brownie babe
16 Pretty as a pecan
15 Raspberry ripple
14 Sensationally sticky
13 What a tart!
12 Lovely lavender
11 Chocolate cake to die for
10 I can eat a rainbow
9 Greek goddess
8 Jammy devils
7 Cherry, cherry baby
6 The perfect eclair
5 White blossom
4 Turkish jewel
3 Sweet little shortcake
2 Yum yum yum with a cherry on top
1 Rosy posy by the slice

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