The tragedy of the tearoom

1:33 pm

Why is it that todays tearoom is all about prepacked cake slices and bargain price tea?

What ever happened to loose tea in a pretty tea pot? Homemade scones and cake by the wodge? Mismatched antique china, cake forks and napkins? Crumpets dripping with butter and toasted english muffins with fresh plum jam?

There should be Al Bowlly on the gramophone, an open fire and comfortable seats you can sink into and relax. Good books to disappear into and the quiet contented feeling of peace and warmth

Does such a place exist? Perhaps it is in your town, sadly it's not in mine.

Yesterday the Dormouse Team was out and about at afternoon tea time and had to make do with tea in a tin tea pot but drew the line at chemical "milk" in little plastic pots. Disgruntled staff were made to find the milk jug, hiding away sadly at the back of the cupboard. Once dusted down and filled it was the realist thing in there.

How can a country famed for its love of tea ever let this happen? Tea drinking should be a ritual never a sacrifice!

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